vineri, 1 septembrie 2006

Insurance is all we do

In a world in which time is money and where natural disasters, floods and fires produce mass destruction, the need of insurance coverage becomes imperious. One’s personal wealth or business assets must be protected against unpredictable events. Therefore, a necessary expenditure! The insurance costs are indisputably lower than the amounts received as reimbursements when partial or total damage occurs. We are a team of professionals covering the entire state of Romania, thus offering advice and professional suggestions on the insurance matter.

We provide brokerage expert consultancy services and therefore defend your side in front of the insurance companies on the market, develop a relationship of long standing, based on trust and honesty and offer 13 years of experience on the insurance market.
When structuring this site, we tried to meet customers needs with unique services on state insurance market. Therefore, you can contract on-line your TPL Insurance Policy, your Green Card Policy, Physical Persons Household’s Insurance or the Medical Travel Insurance. One can get familiar to the cost the insurance of one’s auto assumes by using the Motor Insurance Calculator. Moreover, in order to keep informed on the insurance conditions and terms of your contract, you may use the Insurance Dictionary. We also thought of you when having set at your disposal the CEDAM Database so that you can verify at any time if your former policy has expired or access any other necessary information. We can still help you even if you are not our customers! Subscription services allow you to make sure you don’t forget your insurance prime rates and dead lines and you have continuous risk coverage, by having us administering your portofolio.
Do not hesitate to take benefit of our services, your needs will surely find their solutions with us!!

We wish you good luck with everything you do!

And remember! Our services are FREE OF CHARGE and PRICELESS!

Free services and up to 30 % discounts of the insurance fees!

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  1. Interesanta ideea cu blog-ul asta.
    Cred ca unul dintre subiectele care ii bantuie pe toti din piata este ce mai face fostul presedinte al Comisiei de Supraveghere a Asigurarilor, Nicolae Crisan, inlocuit in vara aceasta de Angela Toncescu. Surse care evident vor sa isi mentina anonimatul zic ca si-ar pregati numirea ca presedinte al Fondului de Garantare, altii spun ca urmareste sa devina presedintele Asiban.