sâmbătă, 9 septembrie 2006

Not me!

As you already now that ...
This is not an company blog. It`s just my own blog, my own history.
What i`m trying to do here is to show how things works in this industry and this is an industry - of making monney.
Someboby wants to be "assured" that in case of - God knows what happends - someone else will cover his/her lost.
We sell probability. We sell covers of damages that is not already done.
Strange - isn`t it?

And it`s not all!

We are trying to convince people that "my cover is the best".
How we are doing that?

Someone said, at one moment, that if you are able to sell insurance to the people, you are prepaired to sell anything to anyone.

Is that so hard?
Well ... you see ... working with people is sometimes very hard.

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