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Find out what loyalty bonuses you receive for each Vodafone card reload online

If you choose to recharge your Vodafone card through the online service, you can take advantage of countless bonuses, which are more advantageous, offered directly by the telephone operator.
The recharge process has been simplified and streamlined to the maximum. You can recharge your credit from anywhere, at any time, as long as you have Internet access. All you have to do is enter the phone number, the desired amount and wait for the confirmation message to be successful.
Besides the fact that a Vodafone card reload through can be done in two steps, you also have bonuses that increase month by month, offered by those from Vodafone.

There are four types of vouchers you receive when you recharge a Vodafone card. Bonuses are offered based on the loyalty group you are a part of - in other words, Vodafone rewards you, at regular intervals, for choosing to stay with them.

The loyalty groups are Prepaid Silver, Prepaid Gold, Prepaid Platinum and Prepaid Titanium. Find out more about these!

Prepaid Silver - This is one of the two loyalty groups you can join, between the first three and twelve months of collaboration with those from Vodafone (the other group being Prepaid Gold). It comes with 500 MB (2 x 250MB) and 100 minutes and national SMS (2 x 50).

Prepaid Gold - Depending on the age of the network, as well as the value of the credit you chose when you made a Vodafone card reload, you have the opportunity to benefit from Prepaid Gold benefits for a long time, from 3 months. at 10 years. Bonuses in this group include 1,000 MB (2 x 500 MB) and 200 national minutes, as well as SMS (2 x 100).

Prepaid Platinum - This group is for those who have been with Vodafone for at least 1 year and at most 15. If you fall into this category, you will benefit from 1,500 MB (2 x 750 MB) and 400 minutes and national SMS (2 x 200).
Prepaid Titanium - If you have been using Vodafone services for more than two years, you can enjoy the Prepaid Titanium option and its benefits, 2,000 MB (2 x 1000MB) and 600 minutes / national SMS (2 x 300).

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The bonuses are allocated to each upload and are valid for 28 days. You can benefit from this from the first 3 months of age on the Vodafone network.

To find out which loyalty group you belong to, you have three ways. Either sign in to your MyVodafone account, or call * 100 #, the "Loyalty program" branch, or * 222, the "Your credit, reload and loyalty program" branch

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